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Mattress support Manual relaxation

Mattress support Manual relaxation

- Bluconfort double mattress lifting slats

- Head and foot lift by hand racks

- Structure entirely made of laminated beech

- Frame height 6 cm

- Flexible batten support SEBS

- 28 slats plywood by coating (56 for a 140X190)

- Lumbar by trilattes

- Trilattes narrower area on shoulder

- - Optional legs>

To lift your mattress, Dormissima has selected quality:

Bases of relaxation for a very comfortable mattress you looking for a comfortable lift? With a flip mattress, your bed becomes a place of rest. Discover the selection of high-end mattress lift Dormissima and enjoy very competitive prices. Trusting a professional, you are assured of great quality for the purchase of your mattress lift.

Bedsteads relaxation: Experience the many benefits of a reference. Based on our experience, we recognize that the quality of our mattresses and relaxation services is one of your priorities. Secure payment online, home delivery as soon as possible … To lift your mattress, we are committed to ensure total satisfaction.

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Memory foam mattress

- A mattress that reduce the body pressure
- A mattress that keep your body in a correct position
- A mattress that evacuate sweat away

Natural cotton !

Choose comfort and natural with our collection of pure cotton duvet, summer or winter.

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