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BZ sofa bed Prima plus

BZ sofa bed Prima plus

Sofa bed for sleeping with heavy fabric armrest

- Sleeping dimensions: 140X190 or 160X200

- Dimensions in the sofa position: 175X105X87 195X105X87 or

- Slatted large plywood

- Equipped with the most : mattress 140X190 total height 16 cm polyurethane density 50 Kg/m3 into three parts tray with duck dive and anti dust mite treated

- BZ system or accordion

- Armrests with solid wood structure and covered with 8mm AGLO OUATT and fabric colors to choose from

- Quilt lining with 550 g/m2

- 2 cushions any color

- Microfiber fabrics joined with 36 colors to choose from:

Soft, very durable, stain resistant, washable 40 °

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  • BZ Prima plus 140

    1290.00 €
    Shipping information

  • BZ Prima plus 160

    1395.00 €
    Shipping information

Shipping Info: Delay of 15 to 20 days following colors

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