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About us

Located in France, in the south of Auvergne, in the heart of the park’s natural Livradois-Forez, Dormissima chose the Haute-Loire, combining work and quality of life, the philosophy of the company.

Dormissima placed customer satisfaction as the basis for its trade policy:

- Comfort

- Secure payment

- Wellness

- Availability

- Quality

- Satisfaction

- Refund of the difference

- Customer service

Address: DORMISSIMA - ePnos Sarl - Doupis - 43500 St Jean d’Aubrigoux.

Natural cotton !

Choose comfort and natural with our collection of pure cotton duvet, summer or winter.

Memory foam mattress

- A mattress that reduce the body pressure
- A mattress that keep your body in a correct position
- A mattress that evacuate sweat away

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